Neil Gravander


These next series of videos were done by experimental filmmaker and UWM Film Graduate Neil Gravander. An interview with Neil revealing his passion for unique style and pioneering techniques he has will be posted soon. Until then please enjoy these 3 works by Neil. The first being a Live performance as tape player “Lucky Bone”, the second being a finished piece he toured with and the third is a test run of one of his latest inventions.

When Neil’s not experimenting with the various elements of the film and video realm he will occasionally put on a performance of manipulating the sounds of a tape on a simple cassette player which is also linked up to televisions so as he controls the tape he influences the images on screen.

Neil loves beer.

Neil usually works with non digital video but for part of an art installation Neil tried digital for the first time. He fashioned a wooden frame that held the camera that had a drill bit on the back and connected it to a power drill. Then at 5 o’clock AM he went out to test his new invention the Drill Cam by the nautical lights on the Lake Michigan horizon and the cold downtown Milwaukee skyline. This is what he got.

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